We do have new boxes available. Call for price list. 

Do not forget before you leave the old house to do a walk though with the movers to make sure everything is loaded on the truck and out of the home. Walk around the out side for any out door furniture or garden hoses to be loaded.

If everything is on the moving truck, you are ready to leave the keys and garage door remotes for the new owners.

Call the friends and family, to help out while the movers are there. Its always helpful to have an extra set of hands for last minute cleaning and helping tell the movers were to place the furniture.

It's also a good idea to have easy finger foods, like sandwiches or pizza for easy clean up on the move.

Get an early start. Go ahead and get your cup of coffee in. The movers are on the way and ready for a full day to tackle your moving job.


If you are moving long distance make sure you have your gps, motel reservations ready and waiting. And make absolutely sure that you have your cell phone(s) and tablet charged and ready to go. Also be sure to exchange phone numbers with your self and the driver of your moving truck. The drivers are usually the job supervisor.

Make sure you are available or have someone available for any questions the movers may have.


​Last minute reminders

Items to put in the open first box include

* __ Hardware (Bolts and screws)

* __ Paper plates and cups

* __ Eating utensils

* __ Coffee and coffee maker/ filters

* __ Dish Soap

* __ Pet food and bowls

* __ Tea kettle

* __ Tooth paste/ brush

* __ Hair dryer and hygiene products 

1 Week prior to moving day

Retrive items in service shops

Items "Not" to pack for movers

​3 weeks prior to moving day

​* __ Clothing at dry cleaners, tailors

* __ Tools and equipment (lawn mower, pressure washer, edger, saws, etc)

​* __ Items lent to friends and neighbors

Moving Services

This is the best time to purge your unneeded items so you do not have to pay to have these items moved or stored. Good places that accept give aways are Wounded warrior project, Salvation army, Goodwill, Avdaonline.org(Aid to victims of domestic abuse), friends or family. 

Return leased or rented items before your move.

2 weeks prior to moving day

Here are some helpful resources for packing.

* __ Markers or box labels

* __ Moving boxes

* __ Packing paper

* __ Bubble wrap

* __ Packing tape

* __ Scissors or utility knife

* __  Set up your moving date or get moving quotes

* __  File change of address (U.S. Post office, Utilities, etc)

* __  Cable/ satellite service

* __  Home Phone service

* __  Electricity service

* __  Gas/ propane service

*__ Gym membership  

* __  Recycling pickup service

* __  Trash removal service

* __  Water/ sewer departement

* __  Home security system

* __ Internet service

* __ Banks (auto loans, checking accounts, credit cards, home equity, mortgage, savings account 

*__ Baby sitter/ child care

*__ Pet sitter/ pet day care, (please have pets out of the way during your move)

*__ Lawn care service 

*__ Insurance providers (auto, home, life, health)

*__ New Business cards (New address)

*__ Retirement plan holders

*__ Passports

*__ Schools (Get copies of transcripts)

*__ Swimming pool maintenance service

*__  Veterinarian (Get records and recommendations)

*__ Water delivery service (Crystal springs, Clear springs,etc)

* __ Aerosols

* __ Flammables

* __ Hazardous material 

* __ Chemicals

* __ Cleaning supplies

* __ Lawn fertilizer

* __ Gas/ Oil

* __ Antifreeze

* __ Lighter fluid

*  __ Tiki torch fuel

* __ Open liquids of any kind

4 weeks prior to moving day

You will want to confirm your up coming relocation with the movers and also be sure to double check your dates with your realestate agent, leasing agent, bank loan and insurance companies.

When you schedule for the electric and home services to be transferred, make sure to turn off the day after you move out.


Schedule appointments for child care and pet resorts. It is best to have pets and children out of harms way while the movers are there with all the heavy furniture and equipment.

*__ Cable/ satellite receiver boxes, remotes, satellite dish

*__ Cable/DSL modems

*__ Carpet shampooer

*__ DVD and video game rentals

*__ Library books

*__ Tool rentals (Ace hardware, Home depot, Lowes)

*__ Trash cans/ recycle bins

You may need to open a new account or safe deposit box at the same time. To have your valuable papers, jewelry or sentimental items already moved and in a safe place so that there is no chance for them to get lost. That is one less worry that you have already taking care of and out of the way prior to moving day.

Start packing!

Moving Day

If you are hiring us to do your packing don't worry we will have everything took care of for you.

But if you are choosing to do your own packing, do not wait until the last minute. Pack a little each day of items you don't use on a daily basis. This will reduce stress and will help make an overwhelming job a synch. When packing do not pack items such medications (meds, important paper work, keys, and contracts need to stay in your possession at all times) These items if packed on a truck, you will not have access until the job is finished. 

​Open bank accounts near your new address

Let's start your move on the right track.Please use our move organizer below to keep your move on point. This check list will help make your relocation a smooth transition into your new home or office.

You'll need access to certain items almost immediately after you arrive at your new home, and these items all need to be packed in one specially marked box. It's best to use bright or red colors on this box so it is easy to find around other boxes.

Create "Open first box"